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Piezo Stages for Optical Trapping (Tweezers)

Optical Trapping requires stages with the highest positional stability and linearity. Stages featuring capacitive direct metrology and parallel kinematics are recommended for these applications. Digital controllers (such as the E-712) with advanced linearization algorithms are key to the highest performance.
PI is a proud sponsor of the PhET optical tweezer simulation program at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Article: Piezo Microscope Stage Improves Optical Tweezers.

Travel [m] Sensor
P-517, P-527 P-517,
Multi-axis (XY, XYZ, XYθz) stage 66 x 66 mm clear aperture.
Faster Z than PIMars Stages
Research paper employing P-517 Stage for
Probing DNA with micro- and nanocapillaries and optical tweezers
to 200 in XY,
20 in Z,
to 4 mrad
P-561 - P-563 P-561 -
PIMars multi-axis piezostage, XY, XYZ, travel range to 300m/axis

Longer Z-Travel than P-517/P-527 series
to 300 x 300 x 300 Capacitive
P-562.6CD P-562.6CD High-Precision Nanopositioning, 6-Axis Piezo Stage System, Vacuum version available 200 m Linear and 1 mrad Tilt Angle Capacitive
P-733.2DD, P-733.3DD P-733.2DD,
High-speed scanning piezostage, XY and XYZ versions, ideal for tasks like scanning microscopy, single molecule tracking 30 x 30 (x10) Capacitive
E-712 E-712 Digital Piezo Controller Modular System of the Newest Generation: up to 50 kHz Servo Update Rate, e.g. for track following applictions. Choise of PID or advanced adaptive piezo control servo algorithms. Multiple interfaces, Ultra low-noise, highly stable D/A converters, up to 6 Axes. Read more about digital piezo control.
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