Precision Microscope Stages:
Piezo, Voice Coil, Motorized, Manual

Nanopositioning stages with piezo motors and voice coil motors for precision positioning & scanning are fundamental tools for all fields of high resolution microscopy. The rapid response and sub-atomic resolution allow scientists to create higher-quality images faster.

PI provides a large variety of long-travel stages, voice-coil and piezo-based fast objective lens positioners (Z-Focus motors), fast Z-Scanners (slide-scanners, well-plate scanners, sample scanners) for deconvolution / 3-D imaging (Z-stack acquisition) and fast focusing applications.

PInano series XY and XYZ piezo stages are known for their very high performance and low cost.

PI's piezo-actuated stages typically achieve 10 times higher speed & precision than classical motorized drives. Controllers come with a USB, RS-232 and TCP/IP digital interface as well as high-bandwidth analog interface, for extremely fast response and compatibility with all major image acquisition packages.

Article: Piezo Microscope Stage Improves Optical Tweezers
Planar Piezo Stages for AFM

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Piezo Micoscope Stage Catalog

Motorized Microscope Stages, Manual Stages
M-545 M-686 P-545
Motorized microscope stages with ultrasonic motor drives are self-locking and provide better long-term stability than conventional lead-screw-driven stages (drift caused by viscous flow in the lubricants). They are also significantly more compact and elegant due to the lack of screws and bulky motors. PI also offers high-stability preloaded manual stages. Both versions are compatible with the fast piezo nanopositioning stages.
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Piezo Microscope Stages for Superresolution Microscopy: Z, XY, XYZ, PInano Series
P-545 P-736 P-545P-737

PInano low-profile piezo microscope stages are available in Z, XY and XYZ Versions. They are optimized for very fast step and settle and easy integration into high resolution microscope applications. They feature a very low profile of 0.8" (20 mm), a large aperture for slide holders, and travel ranges of up to 200 m with sub-nanometer closed-loop resolution ideal for leading-edge microscopy and imaging applications.

Why Choose PInano Microscope Stages?
PInano Z-stages can provide advantages over objective scanners, when multiple objectives are to be used on a turret. The slide-mount at the bottom enables full rotation of the turret.

PInano XY and XYZ stages are also available. They are designed to provide high performance at minimum cost. Standard versions are equipped with high-performance piezoresistive sensors. If the best possible stability and linearity is required, capacitive-metrology equipped versions are recommended. Watch Video on Superresolution Microscopy
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PIFOC Fast Focus Control: Voice Coil and Piezo Objective Z-Scanners (Lens & Turret)
V-308 Voice Coil Focus Control Nanopositioning Stage P-721 P-915K

PI offers a large variety of standard and custom Objective NanoFocusing Stages.

Why Choose PI PIFOC High Resolution Microscope Ojbective NanoFocusing Scanners?
Objective NanoFocusing Scanners provide advantages over sample scanners when speed is an issue or when the specimen needs to be absolutely stationary. The compact design of the objective scanner allows for a stiffer design and faster response. In addition, fast motion over long travel ranges is possible without side affects, because significantly less mass has to be moved than with a complete sample positioning stage.

Longer Travel: New Objective Z-Focusing Scanners for Autofocus, Surface Metrology and Pathology
The latest PIFOC fast piezo focus motors provide 800m travel and were redesigned for higher stiffness, faster settling and higher performance. For even longer travel up to 7mm (7,000m), a novel Voice-Coil-Motor for Autofocus - vertical linear slide scanner with magnetic counter balance is also available.

Compatible with All Major Image Acquisition Packages
PIFOC controllers come with a high-bandwidth analog interface for extremely fast response and compatibility with all major image acquisition packages. Low Cost Fast Piezo Focus Packages with Digital Control & Software
For the most commonly used travel ranges and objective diameters, PI has now put together affordable PIFOC packages with a new compact, high performance digital controller and software.

Datasheet: PIFOC Fast Piezo Focus Motor Systems
These systems also integrate seamlessly with the Piezo Autofocus with Focus Trac Laser systems.
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High Stability Microscope Stages for Optical Trapping
(Optical Tweezers)
P-517 P-561 P-733.2DD E-712
Optical Trapping requires Microscope stages with the highest positional stability and linearity. Advanced digital controllers improve the performance significantly. Special parallel-kinematics designs with parallel-metrology sensors and advanced digital control algorithms are recommended for the highest performance.
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Article: Piezo Microscope Stage Improves Optical Tweezers

High-Speed Microscope Stages for Single Molecule Tracking

P-545 1x3 P-733.2DD

Single molecule tracking requires the fastest possible Microscope stages. Direct-drive designs achieve millisecond responsiveness. High Powered amplifiers provide the required bandwidth. A stable long-travel base stage is essential to take full advantage of the fast piezo scanning stages.
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Microscope Stages for Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)


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