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Piezo Stages for Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

PI nanopositioning systems intrinsically have a high tracking accuracy, which is typically in the region of about 10 nanometers or less. This is achieved by using computer modeled precision EDM-cut flexures which are very stiff in the direction perpendicular to the direction of motion.

AFM—One Nanometer or Less
There are applications, however, which require a out-of-plane errors of less than one nanometer. This is the case with scanning atomic force microscopes, where the structure of the sample is on the atomic scale.

PICOPlane™ for Nanometer Flatness
PICOPlane™ is a one or two-dimensional method which counteracts the crosstalk into the axis perpendicular to the scan plane or the line of motion and reduces it to a minimum. Talk to PI about your AFM requirments.

Brochure: Planar AFM Piezo Scanner Stages & Controllers

Travel [µm] Sensor
P-734 P-734 XY nanoscanning stage, extremely flat and
straight (1 – 2 nm); 56 x 56 mm clear aperture.
100 x 100 Capacitive
P-363 P-363 PicoCube® XY and XYZ high-precision system for AFM, SPM, nanomanipulation; 50 picometer resolution. 5 / Axis Capacitive
P-752.6CD P-752 Nanopositioning stage. Very fast and accurate, outstanding guiding accuracy 15, 30 Capacitive
P-313 P-313 PicoCube® XYZ high-precision scanner for AFM and bio- / nanomanipulation. Hightest bandwidth & linearity, highest resolution piezo stage. 1 x 1 x 0.8 -
N-310 N-310 OEM Miniature Piezo Motor Linear Actuator, Non-Magnetic, Vacuum Compatible, Compact, Sub-nm Resolution, Fast up to 125 -

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