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High-Speed Piezo Stages for Single Molecule Tracking
Single molecule tracking requires the fastest possible piezo stages. Direct-drive designs achieve millisecond responsiveness. High powered amplifiers provide the required bandwidth. A highly stable, long-travel motorized positioning stage (such as the PI ultrasonic, self-locking types) or the M-545 manual stage is essential to take full advantage of the extreme accelerations the piezo scanning stages are capable of.
Travel [mm] Sensor
P-545, 1x3 P-545 XYZ / PInano™ Track High-Speed XYZ (XY) Single Molecule Tracking Stage 75x75x50µm or 75x75µm Piezoresistive
P-733.2DD, P-733.3DD P-733.2DD,
High-speed scanning piezo stage, XY and XYZ versions, ideal for tasks like scanning microscopy, single molecule tracking, ultra precise with capacitive feedback and parallel kinematics 30 x 30 (x10) Dual-Plate Capacitive
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